8 Remodeling Mistakes Newbies Make

When it comes to remodeling a home, too many homeowners dive in head-first without taking the time and planning that is necessary to get the job done right. Some attempt to cut costs while others take on projects that are simply out of their league. Let’s take a look at 8 of the most common remodeling mistakes made by newbies.

Failing to Obtain Several Bids from Prospective Contractors

If you aren’t the DIY type and decide to have a contractor perform your home remodeling, don’t go with the first quote. It is important to make comparisons between at least three bids. Take a close look at each potential contractor’s qualifications, including their past work. Ask for references from previous clients. Check out the online reviews. Such detective work is a bit burdensome yet it might pay off in the end.

Failing to Understand the Project

Don’t print out a “how-to” guide from the web and make a beeline to the nearest home hardware store. Take your time and study the nuances of the upcoming remodeling project. Learn as much as you can so that you aren’t hit with “surprise” work later on that you did not originally anticipate. Most home remodeling jobs have such “invisible” work that most don’t know about until it pops up in the midst of the project.

Not Setting a Budget

Home remodeling can become quite expensive very quickly, unless you establish financial parameters at the start of the job. Write down the cost of the supplies and budget in some money for unexpected costs that will inevitably pop up during the job.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Make Important Decisions

Each home remodeling project is unique to the home as well as the homeowners. There are plenty of detailed decisions that must be made throughout the job. Those that delay such decisions will find that they are pressed for time and lack room in the budget for certain improvements.

Failing to Ease Contractor Concerns Over Payments

Newbies tend to withhold payment for remodeling projects until all of the work is done. The truth is that most contractors are extremely concerned about not getting paid after their hard work. Ideally, you will print out a sanitized bank statement to prove that you really do have the money for the project.

Failing to Consider the Time and Cost of a DIY Job

A DIY job might sound appealing at first. Yet once you add up the cost of the job along with the time it will take you do to the work, you might regret not hiring a contractor. Furthermore, consider the quality of your work compared to that of professionals.


Failing to Define Roles and Set Expectations

Everyone involved with the remodeling should have a clearly defined role. It does not matter if you are attempting a DIY job or hiring contractors to do the work. Sit down with everyone involved and explain your expectations in order to cutdown of any miscommunication. .

Not Getting a Contract With a Fixed Price

Do not make the mistake of taking a contractor’s word for the price of the job. Get the quote in writing and make sure that you will not be on the hook for any additional costs that manifest as the project progresses.

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